nicole ster

Nicole Ster was born in Rosenhöhe, a small district in Bielefeld Nordrhein-Westfalen and she has a Russian family background. She discovered her passion for movement at an early age. At the age of seven she started with gymnastics. This developed into a competitive sport, in which she was quite successful. When she was in the national Team and won numerous German medals at the German championships and won the 5th place with the team at the junior European championships.
After the great pressure of being judged she wanted to try something new. Something with what you fire people with enthusiasm without getting valued. It was not easy for her to find a combination of fitness, dance, music and aesthetic.
Trough a show she took notice of the school of Artistic in Berlin. She passed the exam and started the instruction. Nicole found her new passion in Equilibristics-handstand. Equilibristics means the art of balance. Absolute body control is a must-have. This is what she is perfect at. After 3 years of training Nicole mastered in summer 2017.
Now she is interested in different events like company events, Galas, weddings and Varietés.